When commercial real estate banks and lenders begin the forclosure process on commercial real estate or property one of the needed services is  forensic accounting. As the legal receiver on a commercial property in foreclosure, Advantage Legal Group can provide forensic accounting services on the commercial property for the bank or commercial lender.

Forensic Accounting is an audit of the finances on a commercial property and can sometimes go back years to find out the financial history on a commercial property including all financial and acounting related information attached to the property.



Detailed and accurate accounting of the financial history on a property is imperative to the foreclosure process as well as the continued protection and maintenace of the commercial property moving forward. 

Forensic accounting also helps with the evaluation of a commercial real estate property when it comes to accurate valuation of the property post foreclosure when the bank or lender is prepared to sell the property.

Advantage Legal Group provides all necessary services to aid the commercial property lender throughout the foreclosure process as well as the sale of the commercial property when the foreclosure is complete.




From Receivership and Forensic Acoounting Services to Commercial Real Estate Sales and Eviction Services, Advantage Legal Group is the bank or commercial property lender's one stop shop for affordable and professional legal services when it comes to receivership on commercial real estate property foreclosure and forensic accounting servcies on commercial property in foreclosure in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett and Western Washington.  

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