Advantage Legal Group provides legal receivership services for commercial real estate lenders and banks in Western Washington and the greater Seattle area. Advantage Legal Group protects the interest of banks foreclosing on commercial real estate properties by providing receivership services including collecting rent or lease payments on behalf of the bank, forensic accounting services and eviction services in Western Washington including Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, King County, Pierce, County Snohomish County and Thurston County.

An unfortunate, but unavoidable, part of the lending business is that of dealing with commercial real estate loans that have gone into default. Foreclosure has become a lengthy, tedious and expensive process . For this reason, lenders in the Seattle area are choosing Seattle receivership firm, Advantage Legal Group to manage these types of commercial real estate assets while they go through the foreclosure process on the property.

Advantage Legal Group understands that it is crucial that these assets be managed with the utmost care. Failing to follow each and every step exactly as mandated by law can cause the foreclosure to stall and even stagnate in the legal system for months or even years. And, in the meantime, the real estate and improvements thereon are left to deteriorate in value.

Advantage Legal Group saves the bank money. Our cost effective receivership services can save the bank or commercial real estate lender thousands of dollars over the large legal fees charged by big legal firms. Advantage Legal Group combines  the experience of a big firm with the reasonable price structure of a mid size firm to save the bank or commercial property lender money, streamline the foreclosure process as well as protect and maintain the property throughout the foreclosure process.

Advantage Legal Group works for the banks and lenders in commercial property foreclosure situations. We are on your side working for you, the bank or lender providing legal experience and service, receivership services, forensic accounting and eviction services on the commercial real estate property that is in default while you process the foreclosure.

Lenders in the area of western Washington, including Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bellevue, have a receivership service designed to work exclusively for, and in the best interests of, these lenders who have loaned money in good faith to commercial entities that have defaulted on their real estate loans. This service is provided by Advantage Legal Group, and it is making a difference in the Seattle area for lenders who do not wish to spend valuable time and resources maintaining and disposing of real estate that secures delinquent loans.

Advantage Legal Group is comprised of a staff of professionals who are trained, certified, and experienced in the process of transferring real estate into receivership. They are fully apprised of all aspects of the law regarding these transactions, and assure professional service that will transfer these assets to the possession of the lenders, in order to expedite the sale of the assets, and closing of the associated loan files.

And, lenders can rest assured that, while Advantage Law Group has receivership of the real estate involved, the real estate will be properly cared for and maintained in order to protect the investment and maximize value when the time comes to sell. And Advantage Law Group can handle the listing, advertising, and sale of the property as well.

In addition to the legal hurdles that must be overcome in the foreclosure process, there is also the matter of the required forensic accounting and subsequent reporting, as well as proper service of eviction notices, and listing/selling the real estate. Advantage Legal Group's staff can accomplish all of these tasks, with the same degree of exemplary professionalism. Our team includes attorneys, licensed real estate brokers, accountants, and other professionals who will cover every aspect of the transaction to ensure compliance with all laws, with resolution as expeditious as possible.

No Need To Hire Multiple Firms or waste money with large legal firms

Advantage Legal Group is also a cost-effective solution, especially when one calculates the expenses that can quickly accumulate when a bank or lender must hire various professionals to do the job of Advantage Legal Group. The cost of hiring a legal firm, accountants, certified appraisers, real estate brokers, and other professionals that could be involved in this type of transaction can be staggering. Advantage Legal Group provides all of these services at a reasonable price and with results.

Contact Advantage Legal Group at 425-452-9797 for more information or to schedule a comprehensive analysis and receivership proposal on a commercial real estate property foreclosure situation. 

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